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Corporate Social Responsibility


As an actualization of its social awareness as well as an actualization of it’s interest on the society, PT. Berlina Tbk. has been carrying out a series of programs that have the theme of “Berlina for Community”. These activities are indeed directly implemented in the communities. All of the funds for the programs within the Corporate Social Responsibility are funded from a specific budget within a yearly budget. This is the Company’s commitment to establish partnership with its neighborhoods with empowerment of communities as a purpose.

By making use of the Company’s competencies, one of the established programs is providing dental health socialization and campaign to elementary school’s children.

The Company is providing dentists and handing free mugs and toothbrushes to every student. On the other sides, the Company is allowing the local youngsters to make use of the company’s field as a part of sport talent and interest development.

Numerous programs that have been conducted routinely are the blood donor activities, the supplies of hygiene bags in the factories neighborhood, helping natural disaster’s victims and the empowerment of surrounding community with the cooperation from the local community and the village’s office.

To ascertain that all programs within the corporate social responsibility are within its corridor, therefore benchmarking to other Companies has been performed, which is followed by internal discussions to discuss constructive inputs from management and even, from employees , as an effort to increase the quality of the corporate social responsibility programs.

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