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Human Resource


There are two major classifications of assets, the tangible and intangible assets. Human being is a valuable intangible asset. It is a crucial factor in the success of business development. Moreover, if they are rightly placed in their framework, then human being will definitely give significant contribution to the business.

PT. Berlina Tbk. belief that human being is a crucial factor for the business success. Therefore, one of the agendas that always been evaluated from time to time is to make human being ready as skillful resources. By understanding Human Capital Readiness as a part of Human Resources, thus it is necessary to assure that every employee has been placed in their position according to required competencies. For that reason, to ascertain that each employee is placed according to their competency, the Company has set several initiatives to achieve the objective.
Training Programs
Various guest facilitators or resource people have been invited to provide trainings. Not to mention several intern facilitators or resource people who are able conducting their functions on providing the training materials.

Human Resource Development is one of the pillars among other pillars, in order to support the solidity of PT. Berlina Tbk. On conducting its function in the center of the country and nation. One of the human resource developments is by proclaiming DSU Group’s Core Values, which is being adopted by PT. Berlina Tbk. afterward. I4C program, which is Integrity, Communication, Collaboration, Customer Focus and Continuous Improvement, is one of the foundations that have been used to create Human Resource development programs in the Company. Therefore, based on this dimension, the Human Resource development programs and activities are more focus and directed.
As a proof that the human resource development is not just a dream, therefore in numerous opportunities, the organization’s structure will be adjusted after as the Company has establishing strategies to achieve its objective. Therefore, the dynamics of the organization within the operational context will be very flexible as shown on the implementation of every strategy, in which will always be followed by placement of the right ‘competency resource’ at the right position. As an inseparable part of the employees’ integrity actualization, the performance measurement implementation is one of the on the site technical implementation’s benchmarks as well.

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