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PT. Natura Plastindo

As a new company that established in 2013 and just started its commercial operations in mid-2014, PT Natura Plastindo remain focused on the achievement of its mission, which gives reliable and sustainable solution for recycling plastic waste, as well as environmentally concern.

Even economic conditions are slowing down and the achievement of the Company's net consolidated sales tend to be at the same level, PT. Natura Plastindo as subsidiaries of the Company can increase its sales with a high level increment rate, with a growth rate three times higher than previous year. But this has not made us satisfied, because we still have the capacity that needs to be maximized, and also in term of the Company's consolidated net sales, PT. Natura Plastindo has not given significant contribution. It was because the company  which has just started its commercial operations in mid-2014 need to develop a broader market share.

We remain optimistic and expect that 2016 will be an exciting year for the development of the company. At the end we would like to thank all of our shareholders, our customers, suppliers, employees and business partners for their support.

PT. Quantex

PT. Quantex is a subsidiary of PT. Berlina Tbk with 99.49% shares owned by PT. Berlina Tbk. PT. Quantex itself was established in 2003 and acquired by PT. Berlina Tbk in 2013 from the previous ownership of PT. Autochem Indonesia. PT. Quantex engaged in the manufacturing of plastic bottles and cap with focus on the segment of lubricating oil mainly for the automotive market. Customers of PT. Quantex are major companies with a strong brand in the automotive market and lubricants, such as Idemitsu, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Prestone, Nissan, Fuchs and others.

PT. Quantex main objective is to serve the needs of customers by providing fast service, good quality products,timely delivery with competitive prices to gain customers satisfactions. PT. Quantex has a strong commitment to grow together with all customers so as to create a good business relationship that focusing on all parties needs.

For Quantex,the 2015 was a difficult and challenging year, compared to the previous year of 2014,due to external factor such as weakened Indonesian automotive business which effects the sale of lubricant oil. Indonesia's automotive market growth in 2015decreased by 16% compared to previous year of 2014.

The weakened of Indonesia’s automotive market slightly effects the sales of PT. Quantex, since 95% of PT. Quantex market share are national automotive customers.
In 2015 in terms of net sales was increased by 2,1% compared to net sales in 2014, but sales volume was decreased by 4% compared to 2014. With such performance reflects that PT. Quantex still be trusted by customers although the buying power of the market has been decreased.

Therefore PT. Quantex will keep on focus to improve their competitiveness with some strategies including managing the workforce and implementing more automation process to improve labor efficiency.

In the year of 2016, PT. Quantex have plans to invest in new machines to increase production capacity due to the increasing demand from current customers and also new customers.
PT. Quantex will sustained to focus on the development of human resources which is the major driver of the rapid advancement of the company. Through an integrated training program will create competent and reliable employees.

With all those preparations, PT. Quantex believe will achieve the company’s goals in 2016.

PT. Lamipak Primula Indonesia


Packaging is a key factor in the product life cycle and has significant contribution for the value of the product. We at PT. Lamipak Primula Indonesia, as one of the biggest tube packaging manufacturer in Indonesia, arecompletely aware of the importance of our products. Hence, every year we always put all efforts to improve our operational excellence, expand our capabilities, sharpen our skills and know how in the tube packaging business.

These what we have done in 2015 and as a result, we have achieved positive growth in our business performance. Despite tough and challenging business environment in 2015, we have successfully booked more than 18% growth in our turnover. Our manufacturing capabilities have been developed to provide enhanced products with more variances to fulfill rising demand from our customers for better and more attractive packaging with higher quality. At the end of the day, consumers as the end user will enjoy better value of the products they use.

It was not an easy journey at all for us in 2015. Foreign exchange rate has achieved the highest rate during the past 10 years, with more than 18% swing during the year. Definitely, it had direct impact to us in the packaging industry where all material and machine cost depend on the forex rate. Moreover, minimum wage was also increased more than 23% which gave significant effect to our operational costs. In this situation, we have to work smarter to overcome the challenges and keep moving ahead.

We are preparing for even more challenging and exciting year in 2016. Our customer will be more demanding. Product complexity and quality standard will be higher. Product life cycle will be faster, means that new products must be launched in the market quicker. Market will be more dynamic which will impact on the demand fluctuation. Hence, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities in 2015 which will continue in 2016 and added necessary infrastructure and supporting units, including warehouse facility to accommodate higher demand. We hope that the overall economic situation will be better in 2016 which may stimulate growth in the consumer goods business. Therefore, we will continue to equip ourselves and keep updated with the new development in the tube packaging technology to sustain our position as the major tube producer in the region.

I thank to all of our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees for the continuous support in 2015 and we are gearing up to continue the journey in 2016 with confidence to conquer upcoming challenges…




Widya Noerlan
President Director PT. Lamipak Primula Indonesia

HeFei Paragon Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.



Year 2015 Review
Despite a challenging year with slower global economic growth, intensifying geopolitical instability, and high currency and commodity volatility, but HPPP results remain profitable in volatile markets.

These results further demonstrate the progress we have made in transforming HPPP into a more resilient company, capable of consistently delivering competitive, margin expansion and strong cash flow.


HPPP target to expand current customer base to bring in more revenue and to diversify business into food and automotive industries which HPPP believe will have a better prospect in growing future.

In order to prepare for the change and diversity HPPP need to spend considerable time in developing a strong internal talent pipeline to prepare for the challenging market.


Our objective are energy saving, throughout the year HPPP has maintained output production volume, with product structure change and difference customers contribution weightage, HPPP still manage to maintain and reduced the energy usage.

For year 2015, HPPP has achieved the "Understanding Responsible Sourcing Audit" (URSA) includes assessment of the facility's practices in Labor Standards, Health & Safety, Human Rights, Business Integrity, Environmental Management, and Land Tenure Rights. This was assessed in alignment with SMETA best practice guidance version 4.0 and the Customer's Responsible Sourcing Policy requirements.


In November, Hefei minimum wages has increased 20.6% which caused extra burden to HPPP operation cost directly. In coming 2016, HPPP main goal is to strategizes labor loading, improve productivity & efficiency also to automate and simplify process for more cost saving.

Year 2016 are set against the context of challenging market conditions and fragile consumer demand. Many emerging markets continued to be weak, particularly those dependent on oil and other commodity exports and those where currency devaluation is pushing up the cost of living.

Finally, we appreciate our shareholders for their continuous support to HPPP. We will drive agility and cost discipline across our business and preparing ourselves for tougher market conditions and high volatility in 2016.

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