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Code of Conduct




To be preferred choice for plastic packaging solutions.


To grow profitably through operational excellence and solid customer engagement delivered by energized employees.



Principles code of conduct imposed by the Company with I4C commonly abbreviated as follows :

1. Integrity

We are committed to uphold and adhere to high ethical principles, morals, and honesty in all aspects of the business that we live with complying with applicable laws and regulations, and do not forget to show respect and communicate openly.

2. Communications

Think positive, open, enthusiastic, willing to discuss, and a relationship based on trust and respect, and believes that with good and effective communication able to optimize the performance and bring success.

3. Collaboration

Act with full responsibility, collaboration, caring, sympathy, and empathy. Confidence in the Company's diversity will be one of the greatest strengths and do their best to cooperate and synergize all aspects possessed.

4. Continuous Improvement

Growing creativity, innovation, and develop a variety of concept, ideas, and new process. The Company is committed to continuously improve our business processes and performance through the continuous development of employee competencies and cutting-edge technology.

5. Focusing Customers

Strive for customer satisfaction and providing the best services. By focusing the business to grow and develop to meet the needs of customers by providing a "win - win solutions " in the agreed upon of business aspect.

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