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PT. Quantex

PT. Quantex is a subsidiary of PT. Berlina Tbk with 99.49% shares owned by PT. Berlina Tbk. PT. Quantex itself was established in 2003 and acquired by PT. Berlina Tbk in 2013 from the previous ownership of PT. Autochem Indonesia. PT. Quantex engaged in the manufacturing of plastic bottles and cap with focus on the segment of lubricating oil mainly for the automotive market. Customers of PT. Quantex are major companies with a strong brand in the automotive market and lubricants, such as Idemitsu, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Prestone, Nissan, Fuchs and others.

PT. Quantex main objective is to serve the needs of customers by providing fast service, good quality products,timely delivery with competitive prices to gain customers satisfactions. PT. Quantex has a strong commitment to grow together with all customers so as to create a good business relationship that focusing on all parties needs.

For Quantex,the 2015 was a difficult and challenging year, compared to the previous year of 2014,due to external factor such as weakened Indonesian automotive business which effects the sale of lubricant oil. Indonesia's automotive market growth in 2015decreased by 16% compared to previous year of 2014.

The weakened of Indonesia’s automotive market slightly effects the sales of PT. Quantex, since 95% of PT. Quantex market share are national automotive customers.
In 2015 in terms of net sales was increased by 2,1% compared to net sales in 2014, but sales volume was decreased by 4% compared to 2014. With such performance reflects that PT. Quantex still be trusted by customers although the buying power of the market has been decreased.

Therefore PT. Quantex will keep on focus to improve their competitiveness with some strategies including managing the workforce and implementing more automation process to improve labor efficiency.

In the year of 2016, PT. Quantex have plans to invest in new machines to increase production capacity due to the increasing demand from current customers and also new customers.
PT. Quantex will sustained to focus on the development of human resources which is the major driver of the rapid advancement of the company. Through an integrated training program will create competent and reliable employees.

With all those preparations, PT. Quantex believe will achieve the company’s goals in 2016.

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