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PT. Natura Plastindo

As a new company that established in 2013 and just started its commercial operations in mid-2014, PT Natura Plastindo remain focused on the achievement of its mission, which gives reliable and sustainable solution for recycling plastic waste, as well as environmentally concern.

Even economic conditions are slowing down and the achievement of the Company's net consolidated sales tend to be at the same level, PT. Natura Plastindo as subsidiaries of the Company can increase its sales with a high level increment rate, with a growth rate three times higher than previous year. But this has not made us satisfied, because we still have the capacity that needs to be maximized, and also in term of the Company's consolidated net sales, PT. Natura Plastindo has not given significant contribution. It was because the company  which has just started its commercial operations in mid-2014 need to develop a broader market share.

We remain optimistic and expect that 2016 will be an exciting year for the development of the company. At the end we would like to thank all of our shareholders, our customers, suppliers, employees and business partners for their support.

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