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Work Safety

Work productivity can be achieved only if the equipment and infrastructure which support the creation of maximum working safety aspects are provided. PT. Berlina Tbk. has particularly established teams which conducting on scheduled and routine “safety patrol” in order to oversee the implementation of the established work safety’s culture and to give recommendation on taking necessary steps so the effort to create a safe working environment can be consistently running. Besides that, PT. Berlina Tbk. is sending its employees to get K3 Umum (General K3) expert certification from Dinas Ketenagakerjaan (Manpower agency). Therefore, competencies to develop health and safety programs can be internally developed continuously.

PT. Berlina Tbk., through its every factory, has made an agreement with nearby local hospitals to prevent undesirable problems, thus fatal effects and impacts can be minimized.

The Company’s serious effort on creating and implementing a safe and comfortable work atmosphere is proved by has specifically elected one person responsible for the implementation of the work’s health and safety

Work Health

As a part of creating a healthy working environment, PT. Berlina Tbk. is consistently doing its utmost to increase its employee’s health insurance. Persuasion and socialization to create a healthy work environment which is started from oneself are also part of this program.
As a realization of the Company’s seriousness, in every factory has been assigned on duty doctors; thus, even on a working condition, if something happen pertaining to health issues, the employees can directly connect with the on duty doctors in each of factory’s clinic.



Creating green products is not only a motto but also a part of the Company’s vision on performing an environment awareness attitude. Furthermore, the Company’s current effort on the waste handling and treatment is performed in such a way to ascertain that the Company is truly paying an attention on the environmental health of the factories, wherever the location of each factory is. Various internal efforts have been established to support the factories’ environmental health. One of the efforts that has been continuously implemented is factory waste management, which tightly guided by signs to ascertain that the end result of all kinds of waste may supports to achieve a clean environment.

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